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The Pointy End Of Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Combat

Just A Flesh Wound

Kingdom Come's crowd-funding effort is still sparking away on the grind-stone of Kickstarter, honing the edge that it'll need to slice through the metal, meat, and bone of... wait, I've accidentally moved from a metaphor into an actual description. It's because I just watched a video detailing the medieval RPG's sword-fighting system, and it looks nicely balanced. They've taken three basic attacks to six zones on the body, meaning you have 18 basic attacks that leads into a deadly dance of parrying, angled slashes. Will it crack the Holy Grail of FPS melee combat?

One thing I'm glad to see is the parry system, where you'll be able to immediately block an enemy's attack. I am terrible at that sort of thing in first-person combat: slashing and slicing is fine, but positioning a blade to block an incoming attack has always eluded me. Perhaps I'm not the only one, given that they've automated it a little. I think reducing the complexity of that is a smart idea if the rest of the combat is refined enough. Beyond those basic slashes and stabs, you're able to change the angle of your attack pretty swiftly, enabling you to push the enemy one direction and quickly slash from another. That is mean.

I'm glad this is going to happen. The devs are enjoyably obsessive, and with nine days left to fund they've nearly doubled the initial goal.

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