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Hitman 2 sends Agent 47 to do his banking in tomorrow's DLC

Making a deposit... OF DEATH.

When Ian Hitman isn't hitting men, he's apparently knitting his own cold-weather ensemble. At least, that's what he says in the trailer for the New York bank mission DLC coming to Hitman 2 tomorrow. I see no reason not to believe him, as he's very candid for a man of mystery and murder. The first full, regular mission coming to the stab-puzzle sandbox since launch, The Bank looks like a gloriously dense machine full of bustling NPCs playing out their deliciously fragile routines. While you're there, you might as well off the bank's director and raid the vault, I suppose. Below, a trailer.

According to developer Io Interactive's official page on the update, going to the bank is a game of two halves. On top of the usual 'kill a terrible ultra-rich person' objective (this bank director sounds like Cruella de Vil in the trailer below), you've got an infiltration job to do. There's a data core to be stolen from the bank vault, or a backup copy will suffice. As with any full mission, there's going to be a raft of optional objectives to complete, and the best unlock is a very professional-looking double-breasted trenchcoat to be worn over 47's regular suit. Of course, I want to know if you can unlock his home-made sweater. Never has dispassionate murder been so cozy.

Along with the Bank map and its Golden Handshake mission, there's another two missions coming as part of the Expansion Pass tomorrow. Illusions Of Grandeur is taking players back to Mumbai, and Embrace Of The Serpent is set in Santa Fortuna. I'm hoping there'll be significant changes to the mission layouts in the latter two. As nice as hunting down Elusive Targets is, there's not many changes to the other NPCs wandering around.

There's one last big wave of DLC due in autumn, with one more map -- The Resort -- and another two missions set in existing environments. Between now and then, there's a new Sniper Assassin map on the way set in a prison and the PvP Ghost Mode expands to Mumbai - a side of Hitman 2 I've not played nearly enough of.

The Bank mission hits Hitman 2 tomorrow, for anyone with the Gold edition of the game or the Expansion Pass.

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