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The RPS 100 returns, and this time we want your help

Vote for your favourite PC games of all time for the inaugural RPS 100: Reader's Edition

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The RPS 100, our annual countdown of our favourite PC games of all time, is coming back for its second edition later this month - and let me tell you, with practically an all-new team in place since we last cast our votes, this year's RPS 100 is looking to be quite the shake-up compared to last year's list. This time, though, we wanted get you, our fair readers, involved as well. To that end, we're introducing The RPS 100: Reader's Edition, where you can vote for your favourite PC games of all time, to be published as a separate list that will be yours and yours alone forevermore. Want to get involved? Here's how:

To vote for your favourite PC games of all time, we've created a Google Form where you can list the names of your top 10 Bestest Best games from across the ages. We've also embedded the form below, so you can fill it out right here in this post.

All you need to do is write the names of the games you'd like to vote for in the boxes provided, starting at 10 and ending with your ultimate no.1. Please try and use the full, official game name if you can, just to help try and rule out lots of repeat entries of the same game with ever so-slightly different spellings. If in doubt, check how it's presented on Steam.

Your top number one pick will receive ten points, your second pick will receive nine points, and so on, with your tenth pick receiving one point. These votes will then go into a big spreadsheet, and we'll tally them all up to create your own RPS 100 Reader list, which we'll publish as a separate article once our team-voted version is up on the site.

To help make it extra special, we're also asking voters to contribute 100 words or so on why they love their number one pick so much. I should stress, this isn't compulsory - you can still vote without doing this - but we will be including these comments in the article if you'd like to say a few words about why this game is your ultimate fav (it's also why we're asking you to provide your name / RPS user name, so we can attribute these comments to the right folks).

That's it! I'm excited to see what games make the cut, and most importantly, how they stack up to the games in our own list. This isn't going to be a one-time thing, either - the RPS 100: Reader's Edition is going to be an annual event, just like our own list, so if you find this post in a week's time and have missed the cut-off, fear not. There's always next year.

To cast your vote, please make sure you complete this form by 5pm BST on Monday, October 24th.

Thanks again, and happy voting!

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