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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 36

Hullo. So I burped, and there was this podcast. It appears John and Jim were lucky enough to have been holding onto their recording equipment when I ate them. Kieron and Alec were off on some expedition through my duodenum at the time, so I understand. With the new year here they seem to have focused on reflecting on 2009, and looking forward to 2010. As well as their meandering.

So after a brief explanation of their circumstances things get straight into the important discussion of, er, Sherlock Holmes. But true to form this does eventually reach the topic of gaming, which then leads to attempted recollections of gaming over the last year. This includes Saints Row 2, The Void, Dragon Age, Mirror's Edge, Men Of War, and Time Gentlemen, Please with an accompanying discussion of adventure games. Then there's thoughts on the current state of indie games, and the potential future of casual games. There's also grumbles of some of the worst games, including Avatar and Rogue Warrior. Memories of E3 then eventually lead to a big old list of games they're looking forward to next year.

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