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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 38

Jim and John gathered together aboard the RPS yacht to put right all that is wrong with everything that's ever happened in the universe. Eschewing tweets in episode 38, instead we spoke about the contents of our head, from Mass Effect 2 and dreams of a different BioShock, to DRM and the peculiarities of mining in MMOs.

Have you played drugs on games? We, somehow without being on drugs, begin with a question this inane. Then, after what can only be described as a slow start, we of course discuss gaming news such as the book, The Road. This does lead to gaming discussion, including our desire for a game that isn't focused around combat. This meandering discussion leads on to fantasy versions of BioShock 2, and John's crazed dream of first-person adventuring. (Here's the BioShock article John mentions in the podcast, by the way.)

John discusses his experiences with Mass Effect 2 so far, exploring some of the more interesting ideas behind this game, and the tongue-in-cheek mocking within the game of some of BioWare's sillier previous moments. John incorrectly recalls a quest from ME1, but he's talking about this article.

Then things turn to DRM, and especially Ubisoft's ludicrous new plans. We expose our fury at how idiotic the situation has now become, and how we believe there is a better, more sensible, more positive approach to ensuring sales.

We finally move on from this angry ranting to talk about Mortal Online, and then related tales of MMO mining moments. And then we stop, or we'd still be recording it.

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