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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 15

What do we do to make sure we do a podcast this week, when RPS comrades cannot meet? We turn to Skype. So Kieron and Jim try and talk to each other via tiny microphones and, despite the fact we're only across the country rather than across continents, it sounds somewhat worse than when we did it with Leigh (You said "Do it" - Ed). Anyway - you can download it direct here, it has an individual net-home and here's the iTunes page, and you'll find the running order of this short and sharp podcast beneath the cut. Woo!

0:00: Truncated Intro! Gaming in the countryside! Nonsense!
0:39: Tom Francis' Alternative end to Bioshock. He's very good at Screenshots.
1:43: A little about our forthcoming review of Zeno Clash. PROPER HYPE. And some opinions on the full game. No, really.
4:59: DemiGod! Or, rather, the whole issue around DemiGod right now. What should the reviews do? What should Stardock do? Kieron ill-advisedly recommends legal action. Jim is far more sensible.
9:58: Kieron has a go at Ocarina of Time, for no discernible reason.
10:35: Hurrah for us!
11:06: Borderlands and the politics of cell-shading. The move towards stylised graphics and what will stop it.
15:08: What game Kieron's been thinking about. It's D&D 4th edition! Kieron wonders about it translating back into D&D.
17:48: We both go "Hmm" back and forth at each other.
19:16: Jim thinks it's going to be an interesting year for RPGs. We talk Dragon Age and Alpha Protocol. Mainly, Alpha Protocol.
22:01: The politics of "Our Big Game". As in, all the things which have to go right.
23:27: We sign off talking about dinner.
24:18: "Miss you" "Miss you too" "Miss you most".

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