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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show Episode 25

Well crap. Every few months the Podcast Gods demand a sacrifice lest they destroy the Earth, and sadly it befell this week's podcast. Jim and John gathered in their usual stylish fashion to create a beautiful new podcast for you, created something magnificent, and then discovered after that it sounded like it had been recorded over CB radio at the bottom of a bin. There's no rational for this. There's no logic. Same setup as always. So, we're putting it up, as our voices can be clearly heard, but with our sincere apologies. (Although it's still better quality than the first few recorded on Kieron's dictaphone, so it's all about perspective.) Should you be a fan of the muffle you'll hear us discuss the role of art direction in games, favourite gaming soundtracks and ponder the potential for a unified gaming platform.

There's also desperate emotional cries for the return of the cloth map in game boxes, along with Jim's increasingly heartfelt complaints about maps in general. There's thoughts on who gets to be a prince of Persia. We think about which console games we're looking forward to this Christmas, discuss the resurgence of the adventure game, and consider Borderlands. And there's discussion of the nature of game addiction. Oh, and a bit about game engines.

Get the mp3 directly from here, subscribe to it by RSS with this, or get it on iTunes from here.

Relevant links:

David Cameron saying "twat" on Absolute Radio. (He's apologised like a big wimp since).

Samorost is of course created by Amanita Design, and you can buy Tomáš Dvořák's soundtrack here.

And if anyone fancies attempting to clean up the audio beyond our pathetic means, please do have a go. Let us know if you'd prefer the wav.

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