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The RPS Summer Games: AND THE WINNERS ARE...

Today is the day! The parade is prepared, Horace is hovering by the podium, and the orchestra is tuning up to play the current RPS national anthem (Cascada's Evacuate The Dancefloor). Yes! It's the grand final medal ceremony for the RPS Summer Games!

You'll remember that last week we ended on a cliffhanger - Alice was in the lead after embracing capitalism and Devil Daggers, with John in second place and Alec and Graham close behind that. But thanks to the all-important audience vote on the Fan Art-Stravaganza! That could all change. But did it? Let's find out...

The winner of the Fan-Artstravaganza! and therefore the whole RPS Summer Games was... Alec!

His tactic of cheating in the final event using an actually very good piece of fan art he worked on and made himself paid off and he waltzed away with a mighty 32% of the vote.

In case you're curious, John scored 21% with his photo of his cute child and emotional blackmail No Man's Sky tribute and I came third with 20% of you voting for my entirely original egg tempura rendition of the goddess Aphrodite from Smite. Alice got 12% for her "definitely a cosplay" selfie, Graham got 7% for a genuinely good gif which suffered from the fact gfycat images take a billion years to load on our site for some reason, Brendy's terrifying Sonic The Hedgehog scored 5% and Adam's failure to even show up warranted a surprisingly beefy 3%.

The winner of the final round gets 12 points while the others get nothing so! Here's the final table of results:

AAAAAAAND the medal ceremony! Congrats to the three winners :D

Please stand for the national anthem.

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