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Clinton And Trump Join The Ship's Murder Party

Political frustrations

The Ship: Remasted [official site] has added political figures including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and I don't know if I have enough tension-defusing "little bit of politics" Ben Elton riffing in me to survive much longer in the current political climate. Clinton and Trump can now lark around on a luxury cruise ship, trying to smash in each other's heads in with tennis rackets and golf clubs. And in the game. A little bit of politics there, ladies and gentlemen.

As in the game it's remaking, The Ship: Remasted now has 'World Leaders' modes which replace the regular characters with famous political figures. These include Margaret Thatcher, Osama bin Laden, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein, and now Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It's all a bit tacky but ha ha yes indeed, a little bit of politics.

That motley crüe today arrived in a big update which also brings Mac and Linux versions, bug fixes, performance improvements, and so on.

The Ship, if you've not encountered it before, is a multiplayer FPS whose main mode is a mystery murder hunt. Each passenger on the cruise liner is secretly given one particular other as a target to find and kill, but you also need to watch out for the person who's hunting you - while attendint to your various bodily needs. It started as a Half-Life mod then got a commercial follow-up, and now is being remade as Remasted.

The Ship: Remasted is in the Steam summer sale with a 66% discount bringing it to £5.09/6,79€/$6.79. Developers Blazing Griffin are also throwing in a copy of The Ship: Murder Party to celebrate its 10th birthday. They are quite clear that it's still in Early Access for good reasons, mind. "Do expect whopping bugs, minor code explosions, wonky visuals, and a whole host of other strange and ungainly things that probably shouldn't be happening while trying to clobber someone with a polo mallet," they say.

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