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Sir, You Are Being Hunted Devs Investigating The Signal From Tölva

What Rossignol Did Next

This week on RPS: Where Are They Now? we revisit Jim Rossignol. You might remember Rosso co-founded RPS in 1873 but couldn't resist the bright lights of Game Development City. Packing his bindle and hitting the road, he co-founded Big Robot, the studio we last saw with survive-o-shooter Sir, You Are Being Hunted. But where has Rossignol been since then? What happened to Big Robot? Did the bright lights lure another innocent soul to ruin on the technorocks?

Nah mate, they've been quietly working on The Signal From Tölva [official site], a first-person explore-o-shooter about robots on an alien planet.

Big Robot today announced the shooter. It's set on an alien planet which has been emitting a mysterious signal. Handily the surface is crawling with robots, which you can handily hijack from your cosy remote spot. If you die, hey, you'll simply connect to a new robot.

The gang talk about a world you're free to roam about, investigating what's going on the with eponymous signal and getting into trouble with the robots. Doing missions for the factions whose robots you jack into will get you fancier gear, like guns, shields, and gadgets. Sounding a bit like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., these factions will going about their own business - investigating crashes, attacking outposts, and duking it out between themselves whether you're involved or not. Good stuff, that.

The Signal From Tölva is due on Windows and Mac in "early 2017". Here's the announcement trailer, giving a teasing look at that stylish alien world:

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is on sale now, by the way. It's on Steam for £3.74/4,99€/$4.99.

Next time on RPS: Where Are They Now?, we'll revisit another RPS co-founder in Why Does This Suit Smell Like a Corpse? The Kieron Gillen Story.

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Sir You Are Being Hunted

PC, Mac

The Signal From Tölva

PC, Mac

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