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The Signal From Tolva launches limited test release

Sir, You Are Being Hacked

If you fancy a crack at The Signal From Tölva [official site], the new open-world FPS from Sir, You Are Being Hunted devs Big Robot (and therefore RPS co-founder Jimmy Ro-ro), and have quick fingers, you can snap up one of the limited keys offered cheap for a pre-release test. Tölva is a sci-fi sandbox FPS about exploring the mysteries of an alien planet through the hacked eyes of the robots who've formed into factions there. It's built for emergent, surprising consequences as robots roam around on their own missions, perhaps helping you or maybe shooting your roboface off. It's got some nice dramatic landscape set pieces too, with great zappy spacegun noises and all.

Off you'll go, investigating the eponymous signal from Tölva by hijacking the bodies of robots, arming them with different weapons and equipment and hacking other bots to be your pal. Our John quite enjoyed the short demo he played in September 2016 but you might find this gameplay from November more illuminating:

Big Robot have put 500 game keys up on Itch for the "pre-release test" at $15 apiece, knocking $5 off the price of the full game (which buyers will also receive when it's done). As I write, 274 are left.

The Signal From Tölva is due to launch in full in April so this shouldn't be too wonky, but it is still a testing release.

[Disclosure: As mentioned, RPS co-founder Jim Rossignol also co-founded Big Robot. Our time at RPS only briefly overlapped and I'm not sure I've ever met him while I wasn't either jetlagged or drunk. I couldn't tell you much about him. I remember distinctive eyes?]

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The Signal From Tölva

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