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The Sims 4 cheats & codes list (2020): infinite money, immortal sims, relationship codes, and more

A definitive guide to all Sims 4 cheats & codes!

Our ultimate guide to The Sims 4 cheats contains everything you need to know about how to enable cheats, and how to use said cheats to fulfil your sims' every need... or brutally murder them. We don't judge.

Sims 4 cheats: how to enable cheats for PC

Words by Ollie Toms and Dave Irwin

To enable The Sims 4 cheats on PC, simply open up a Sims 4 game, and pick the right option below depending on your hardware:

  • Windows users: hit CTRL + SHIFT + C.
  • Mac users: hit CMD + SHIFT + C.

This will open up the Sims 4 console, which you can use to enter any of the cheats below. Once you've finished inputting your desired cheat codes, simply hit the same combination of keys again to close the console.

Money cheats

If you just want a quick injection of cash, you can just enter the simpler two codes for 1000 and 50,000 Simoleons respectively.

However, if you want to specify exactly how much money you want to add or remove, there are two other cheats that give you that option.

But in order to enable these cheats, you first have to open up the console and type:

testingcheats true

Then hit Enter and close the console. Now you can access all of the cheats in The Sims 4. Hurray! Just open the console and enter one of these cheats:

  • Adds 1000 Simoleons: Rosebud or Kaching
  • Adds 50,000 Simoleons: motherlode
  • Add an amount of Simoleons: sims.modify_funds +[amount]
  • Subtract an amount of Simoleons: sims.modify_funds -[amount]

Careers and aspiration cheats

Sims painting in The Sims 4
These cheats focus on improving your sim's career and aspirations. Enter "testingcheats true", then when the testing cheats are active, enter the following:

  • Add a career to your sim: careers.add_career [career]
  • Earn a promotion in sim's specified career: careers.promote [career]
  • Earn a demotion in sim's specified career: careers.demote [career]
  • Retire your sim: careers.retire [career]
  • Complete current Sim aspiration goal: aspirations.complete_current_milestone

Satisfaction points and moodlets cheats

Enter "testingcheats true", then when the testing cheats are active, enter the following:

  • Add a specified amount of satisfaction points to current sim: sims.give_satisfaction_points [amount]
  • Refill Sim energy gauge: fillmotive motive_energy
  • Refill Sim fun gauge: fillmotive motive_fun
  • fillmotive motive_hunger
  • Refill Sim hygiene gauge: fillmotive motive_hygiene
  • Refill Sim social gauge: fillmotive motive_social
  • Refills all Sim gauges: sims.fill_all_commodities
  • Adds specified buff: sims.add_buff [buff]
  • Removes specified buff: sims.remove_buff [buff]
  • All moodlets are removed: sims.remove_all_buffs

Building cheats

Creating a new building in The Sims 4
The following cheats are for those who don't want any restrictions when it comes to building stuff. Enter "testingcheats true", then when the testing cheats are active, enter the following:

  • Build anywhere for free: FreeRealEstate On
  • Turn off building anywhere for free: FreeRealEstate Off
  • Ignore collisions when placing objects: bb.moveobjects on
  • Build anywhere: bb.enablefreebuild
  • Unlocks any locked Career Items in Build mode: bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement
  • Spawns the specified object: objects.gsi_create_obj [object]

Make Happy cheat, Teleport sims cheat (How to enable "Shift-Click" cheats)

Some cheats in The Sims 4 require you to shift-click on a sim or object in order to use them.

Enter "testingcheats true" and then when the testing cheats are active, hold the shift key and left click on a sim or an object to bring up the cheat menu.

  • Cheat Need > Make Happy: Change a sim's needs.
  • Cheat Need > Disable Need Decay: Lock a sim's mood levels.
  • Cheat Need > Enable Need Decay: Unlock a sim's mood levels.
  • Teleport Sim: You can shift-click on an area of ground to see the Teleport Sim option. Use this to warp a sim to the clicked location.
  • Reset object: Reset a sim or object's status. This makes sure that sims and objects no longer get stuck.
  • Add to Family: Add a sim to a family.
  • Remove from Family: Remove a sim from a family.
  • Marriage > Clear Marriage: Separate a couple. They will still have a relationship with the other sim, but the marriage will end.
  • Make into Plant Sim: Turn your sims into plant people.
  • Modify in CAS: You can tweak how a sim looks. Note you can't change their name or inherited traits.
  • Make Clean: Make an object clean.
  • Make Dirty: Make an object dirty.

There are also a few shift-click cheats that are exclusive to The Sims 4 expansion packs.

  • Public Image: These cheats for Sims 4 Get Famous allows you to set a good or bed reputation, increase your celebrity level, or add fame quirks.
  • University debug: The cheats menu for Sims 4 Discover University lets your sims enrol to university without applying.
  • Sunbathing options: These options found in the cheats menu for Sims 4 Island Living change your sim's suntan. They can become tanned, sunburned, keep an existing tan, or remove an existing tan.
  • Fabrication machine: The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle expansion gives you 50 bits and pieces by shift-clicking on a Fabrication machine. You'll need to buy one for $1800 Simoleons.
  • Set NPC Eco Behaviors: Shift-clicking a sim or NPC can allow you to change their hidden Eco Behaviors to one of the following: Entrepreneur, Eco Master, or Master Crafter.

Immortal cheats

Fed up with your sims dying? These cheats can disable or enable death triggers, as well as alter a sim's age, and reset the sim.

  • Disables death: death.toggle [true/false]
  • Set current sim's age: setage [age]
  • Reset specified sim: resetsim [sim's full name with spaces]

Sims 4 cheats

A group of Sims hanging out in The Sims 4
Below you'll find the rest of the Sims 4 cheat codes that you can input into the Sims 4 console.

  • Display available commands: help
  • Enable/Disable cheats: testingcheats [true/false]
  • Infinite consumables: objects.consumables_infinite_toggle
  • Acquaints current sim with all other sims: relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others
  • Spawns a friend for the current sim: relationships.create_friends_for_sim
  • Spawns the specified number of sims: sims.spawnsimple [amount]
  • Enable Handyman: soak.enable_soak_handyman_situation
  • Enable Maid: soak.enable_soak_maid_situation
  • Enable Party: soak.enable_soak_party_situation
  • Call Handyman: soak.create_soak_handyman_situation
  • Call Maid: soak.create_soak_maid_situation
  • Call Party: soak.create_soak_party_situation
  • Force bills due: households.force_bills_due
  • Hides all overhead effects such as speech and thought balloons: headlineeffects [on/off]
  • Enables or disables the frame rate display: fps [on/off]
  • Backs out of dialog or makes a choice automatically: ui.dialog-auto_respond
  • Toggles fullscreen: fullscreen
  • Quits the game: quit

Skill codes

These skill codes allow you to tweak a sim's skill level. To do this, select the sim and type in:

stats.set_skill_level [CODE] #

Make sure to replace [CODE] with one of the skill codes in the table below, and replace the # with a number between 1-9:

For example, if you want to increase a sim's painting skill to level 6, type in:

stats.set_skill_level major_painting 6

The below table contains all skill codes you can use with the "stats.set_skill_level" command.

Major_ActingSelects the Acting skill
Major_BakingSelects the Baking skill
Major_BartendingSelects the Mixology skill
Major_CharismaSelects the Charisma skill
Major_ComedySelects the Comedy skill
Major_DJSelects the DJ skill
Major_FabricationSelects the Fabrication skill (Eco Lifestyle)
Major_FishingSelects the Fishing skill
Major_GardeningSelects the Gardening skill
Major_GourmetCookingSelects the Gourmet Cooking skill
Major_GuitarSelects the Guitar skill
Major_HandinessSelects the Handiness skill
Major_HerbalismSelects the Herbalism skill
Major_HomestyleCookingSelects the Cooking skill
Major_LogicSelects the Logic skill
Major_MischiefSelects the Mischief skill
Major_PaintingSelects the Painting skill
Major_ParentingSets Parenting skill
Major_PhotographySelects the Photography skill
Major_PianoSelects the Piano skill
Major_ProgrammingSelects the Programming skill
Major_ReapingSelects the Reaping skill
Major_RocketScienceSelects the Rocket Science skill
Major_VeterinarianSelects the veterinarian skill
Major_VideoGamingSelects the Video Gaming skill
Major_ViolinSelects the Violin skill
Major_WellnessSelects the Wellness skill
Major_WritingSelects the Writing skill
Minor_DancingSelects the Dance skill
Minor_JuicefizzingSelects the Juice Fizzing skill (1-5) (Eco Lifestyle)
Minor_MediaProductionSelects the Media Production skill
Toddler_CommunicatonSelects Toddler Communication skill (1-5)
Toddler_ImaginationSelects Toddler Imagination skill (1-5)
Toddler_MovementSelects Toddler Movement skill (1-5)
Toddler_PottySelects Toddler Potty skill (1-3)
Toddler_ThinkingSelects Toddler Thinking skill (1-5)
Skill_Child_CreativitySelects the Child's Creativity skill
Skill_Child_MentalSelects the Child's Mental skill
Skill_Child_MotorSelects the Child's Motor skill
Skill_Child_SocialSelects the Child's Social skill
Skill_DogSelects the Pet Training skill (1-5)
Skill_FitnessSelects the Fitness skill

Trait codes

To add a trait, type the following, replacing [TRAITNAME] with one of the traits in the table.

traits.equip_trait trait_[TRAITNAME]

To remove a trait, make sure you type in the following, replacing [TRAITNAME] with one of the traits in the table below:

traits.remove_trait [TRAITNAME]

The below table contains all trait codes you can use with the "traits.equip_trait" and "traits.remove_trait" commands. I warn you now, there are a lot of traits. I highly recommend that you search for the expansion name or the trait you wish to add or remove to your sims.

Sims 4 base game trait codes

ActiveActiveBase game
AlluringAlluringBase game
AlwaysWelcomeAlways Welcome (Reward)Base game
AmbitiousAmbitiousBase game
AnglersTranquilityAngler's TranquilityBase game
AntisepticAntiseptic (Reward)Base game
AppraiserAppraiserBase game
ArtLoverArt LoverBase game
CreativelyGiftedArtistic Prodigy (Child)Base game
BeguilingBeguiling (Reward)Base game
BookwormBookwormBase game
BroBroBase game
Business_SavvyBusiness SavvyBase game
CarefreeCarefree (Reward)Base game
CheerfulCheerfulBase game
ChildishChildishBase game
ClumsyClumsyBase game
CollectorCollectorBase game
CommitmentIssuesCommitment IssuesBase game
EternalBondCompanionBase game
ConnectionsConnections (Reward)Base game
CreativeCreativeBase game
CreativeVisionaryCreative Visionary (Reward)Base game
CreativelyGiftedCreatively GiftedBase game
DastardlyDastardlyBase game
FamilySimDomesticBase game
EntrepreneurialEntrepreneurial (Reward)Base game
EssenceOfFlavorEssence of FlavorBase game
EvilEvilBase game
ExpressionisticExpressionisticBase game
FamilyOrientedFamily OrientedBase game
FertileFertile (Reward)Base game
FoodieFoodieBase game
ForeverFreshForever Fresh (Reward)Base game
ForeverFullForever Full (Reward)Base game
FreeServicesFree ServicesBase game
FreshChefFresh ChefBase game
FrugalFrugal (Reward)Base game
GeekGeekBase game
GeniusGeniusBase game
GloomyGloomyBase game
GluttonGluttonBase game
GoodGoodBase game
GoofballGoofballBase game
GreatKisserGreat Kisser (Reward)Base game
GregariousGregariousBase game
GymRatGym Rat (Reward)Base game
TheKnackHandyBase game
happy_toddlerHappy ToddlerBase game
HardlyHungryHardly Hungry (Reward)Base game
HatesChildrenHates ChildrenBase game
High_MetabolismHigh MetabolismBase game
HilariousHilariousBase game
HomeTurfHome TurfBase game
HotHeadedHot HeadedBase game
IndependentIndependent (Reward)Base game
InsaneInsaneBase game
JealousJealousBase game
KleptomaniacKleptomaniacBase game
LazyLazyBase game
LonerLonerBase game
LongevityLong LivedBase game
LovesOutdoorsLoves OutdoorsBase game
MarketableMarketable (Reward)Base game
MastermindMastermindBase game
MaterialisticMaterialisticBase game
MeanMeanBase game
MentallyGiftedMentally GiftedBase game
MentorMentor (Reward)Base game
MorningPersonMorning Sim (Reward)Base game
MuserMuserBase game
MusicLoverMusic LoverBase game
OneWithNatureNaturalistBase game
NeatNeatBase game
NeedsNoOneNeeds No One (Reward)Base game
NeverWearyNever Weary (Reward)Base game
NightOwlNight Owl (Reward)Base game
ObservantObservant (Reward)Base game
OutgoingOutgoingBase game
PerfectHostPerfect HostBase game
PerfectionistPerfectionistBase game
PhysicallyGiftedPhysically GiftedBase game
PiperPiperBase game
PlayerPlayerBase game
EpicPoetPoeticBase game
PotionMasterPotion MasterBase game
ProfessionalSlackerProfessional Slacker (Reward)Base game
ChroniclerProfessorialBase game
Quick_LearnerQuick LearnerBase game
PhysicallyGiftedRambunctious Scamp (Child)Base game
RomanticRomanticBase game
SavantSavant (Reward)Base game
SeldomSleepySeldom Sleepy (Reward)Base game
SelfAssuredSelf AssuredBase game
ShamelessShameless (Reward)Base game
InvestedShrewdBase game
SincereSincereBase game
SlobSlobBase game
SnobSnobBase game
SociallyGiftedSocial Butterfly (Child)Base game
SociallyGiftedSocially GiftedBase game
SpeedCleanerSpeed Cleaner (Reward)Base game
SpeedReaderSpeed Reader (Reward)Base game
SteelBladderSteel Bladder (Reward)Base game
SuperGreenThumbSuper Green Thumb (Reward)Base game
ValuedCustomerThriftyBase game
top_notch_toddlerTop-Notch ToddlerBase game
BaneTormentorBase game
LivingVicariouslyVicariousBase game
WebmasterWebmasterBase game
MentallyGiftedWhiz Kid (Child)Base game

Sims 4 DLC trait codes

CatLoverCat LoverCats and Dogs
DogLoverDog LoverCats and Dogs
ChopstickSavvyChopstick SavvyCity Living
trait_hidden_career_critic_thriftyCritically ConnectedCity Living
HomeTurfHome TurfCity Living
InTheKnowIn the KnowCity Living
SpiceHoundSpice HoundCity Living
UnflirtyUnflirtyCity Living
VegetarianVegetarianCity Living
ChampionOfThePeopleCivil Designer Career (Reward)Eco Lifestyle
InfluentialIndividualEco Innovator (Reward)Eco Lifestyle
FreeganFreegan CASEco Lifestyle
GreenFiendGreen Fiend CASEco Lifestyle
EcoEngineerGreen Technician Career (Reward)Eco Lifestyle
MakerMaker CASEco Lifestyle
MasterMakerMaster Maker Aspiration (Reward)Eco Lifestyle
RecycleDiscipleRecycle Disciple CASEco Lifestyle
SelfAbsorbedSelf AbsorbedGet Famous
SicknessSickness ResistanceGet To Work
DanceMachineDance MachineGet Together
InsiderInsiderGet Together
IslandAncestorsChild of the IslandsIsland Living
ChildofTheOceanChild of the OceanIsland Living
FriendOfTheSeaMaster of the Sea (Reward)Island Living
NaturalSpeakerNatural Speaker (Reward)Island Living
Trait_ArchaeologyMuseum PatronJungle Adventure
Trait_JungleExplorerTreasure HunterJungle Adventure
GreatStorytellerGreat Storyteller (Reward)Outdoor Retreat
IncredibleFriendlyIncredibly Friendly (Reward)Outdoor Retreat
SqueamishSqueamishOutdoor Retreat
StovesAndGrillsMasterStoves and Grills Master (Reward)Outdoor Retreat
SurvivalistSurvivalistOutdoor Retreat
BadMannersBad MannersParenthood
EmotionalControlEmotionally ControlledParenthood
GoodMannersGood MannersParenthood
ColdAcclimationCold Acclimation (Reward)Seasons
ScoutingAptitudeFor Finishing Scouts (Child) (Reward)Seasons
HeatAcclimationHeat Acclimation (Reward)Seasons
BurningManHeatproof (Reward)Seasons
IceManIceproof (Reward)Seasons
StormChaserStorm Chaser (Reward)Seasons
WaterproofWaterproof (Reward)Seasons
TrueMasterA True MasterVampires
TheMasterI am the MasterVampires
RegainedHumanityRegained HumanityVampires

Perk codes

These perk codes are exclusive to the Sims 4 Get To Work expansion. The below table contains all perk codes you can use with the "bucks.unlock_perk" command.

AdditionalWorker_1Additional Employee #1
AdditionalWorker_2Additional Employee #2
CheckoutSpeed_LargeFaster Checkouts (large)
CheckoutSpeed_SmallFaster Checkouts (small)
CustomerBrowseTimeCurious Shopper
CustomerPurchaseIntentSerious Shopper
DecreaseRestockingCostCheaper Restocking
DecreaseRestocking_TemporarySuperfluous Surplus
ImproveRetailSocialsSlick Salesman
ImproveManagementSocialsMega Manager
InstantRestockInstant Restocking
PedestalMimicProvocative Pedestal
RegisterMimicRegister of Tomorrow
RestockSpeed_LargeFaster Restocking (large)
RestockSpeed_SmallFaster Restocking (small)
RetailOutfitSnazzy Shirt
SignageMimicStunning Sign
StorePlacard_1Placard: My First Simoleon
StorePlacard_2Placard: Fobbs 500
SureSaleSocialSure Sale

Sims 4 cheats - relationship codes

To type in the relationship codes, you need to indicate two sims first and last names, then give a value for how much you would to improve or deteriorate the two sim's relationship. The highest relationship value is +100 and the lowest relationship value is -100. Here is the code you will need to enter:


As an example, let's make Malcolm Landgraab's relationship with Bella Goth go up by 50 points:

modifyrelationship Malcolm Landgraab Bella Goth +50 LTR_Friendship_Main

The below table contains all relationship codes you can use with the "modifyrelationship" command.


The Sims 4 cheats list

And there you have it! Every single Sims 4 cheat at your fingertips. Whether your intention is to create a paradise for your sims or a hellish life of suffering and torment (again, to each their own), you can now do exactly that. For more on The Sims 4, check out our look at the true crime show based on the game.

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