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The Sims 4 is getting bunk beds in a free update tomorrow

I'm waiting for the elite builder bunk bed strats to drop

The Sims 4 is getting bunk beds and that's rad. Folks, including me, have wanted stacked sleepers in the grand life sim for a long time because they're fun, functional, and cute. I watched as the The Discover University expansion pack came and went without them as did the Tiny Living stuff pack, both of which seemed like a perfect time for bunks. Although waiting was painful, there is a bright side. Bunk beds are being added to the base game in a free update tomorrow. No purchase necessary.

EA teased the upcoming bunks a week ago and now we've got a proper, if brief, look at them. Stacked beds are pretty darn cute, as made abdundantly clear by these kiddos in their adorable room full of other kiddie furniture. Thank goodness they've even have a proper ladder climbing animation too.

The standard use for bunk beds is all well and good. They look sweet in a kid's room. They'll surely be a neat space-saver in tiny house builds. College students will of course all now need to have lofted beds too.

What I'm really looking forward to is seeing what my favorite builders do with them. I can't hardly watch simmers work on builds without learning weird tricks I'd never considered. I've got no doubt that Sims livestreamers will show off some really creative uses once they've gotten to dig into the update. I just want those edge case bunk bed strats, folks.

Will the bunk beds have different configurations though? I sure hope so, but if not there will still be these awesome modded bunk beds to snag.

Along with bunk beds, tomorrow's game update is bringing trait improvements and improved textures for console players. It sounds like they'll be digging into the details during a Twitch stream tomorrow, March 23rd at 6pm GMT (11am PDT).

The game update itself launches an hour before that tomorrow at 5pm GMT (10am PDT).

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