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Peeved Push Ups And Premium Memberships: The Sims 4

Laugh yourself to death

The word "bro" is tossed around a lot nowadays, but I can't say I've ever met one of these curious beings. I'm choosing to treat a new The Sims 4 trailer as a documentary, 20 minutes teaching me about two bros who work out, bro out, party down, and die of laughter after their Kim Jong-un-lookalike housemate wees himself during a cupcake fire. What a strange bird, the bro.

The trailer also offers a glimpse of something as inevitable as a bro bump: Premium memberships.

As the Maxis bros showed off the new in-game community item browser, the eagle eyes of SimsVIP spotted this advert flash up briefly:

"The Sims 4 Premium: Save on new packs with early access and exclusive items. Become a Premium Member to get early access to 3 new packs, with exclusive items. Your Sims can throw a spooky costume party, camp in the great outdoors, and toast to the new year in style."

Given the staggering amount of DLC and expansions The Sims 4 will inevitably receive, such a scheme seemed likely. EA have run Premium memberships for one of its other flagship series, Battlefield, for a few years new, offering discounts and early access on its DLC map packs. How much Premium will cost and what exactly it'll offer are under wraps for now, given that this was a glimpse rather than an announcement. I expect EA will be ready to say more closer to The Sims 4's launch on September 4.

Here, learn all about the exotic and unlikely creature known as the 'bro':

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