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The Singular Madness Of Serious Sam HD

Oho, we've not said too much about the rejiggery of Serious Sam, have we? I fear it got a little lost amidst all the wartorn modernity, ages of dragons, deadly leavings and lands of borders of recent weeks, alas. But it's here now. As in, right now, as of today. Steam is its only current home, where it's busy pulling the crab most muscular in the hope of earning $20/£18 (damn you, exchange rate) of your esteemed funds. I'm in two minds about Sam HD. On the one hand - been there, done that. On the other, well, you know. Serious Friggin' Sam. Don't make 'em like that anymore, and all that. Sniff. Below, a glut of agreeably insane promotional videos that we really should have put up earlier. They won't improve your understanding of the game one bit, but they will brighten/strangen/unsettle your day. Bless you, Crotream, you mad fools.

First, the straight one. More or less, anyway.

So far, so Traditional Growly Videogame man. But let's continue. Next, three of four beyond-silly testimonial videos that we've somehow missed. Ah, The Virals That Never Were. Bless 'em.

Fun! Bar the second, anyway. And then there's this one. Then there is this one.


Aaaaa. Aaa. Aagh.

Finally, the Happy Fun Time Mode, and a video that made me a very cheery little boy indeed.

It's the Screaming Guttural Kamikaze Man as backing vocals that really makes it for me.

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