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The Steam Summer Sale has begun

Who needs holidays when you have video games?

Look, lockdown in the UK has been extended and it's probably gonna get extended again, so this summer I feel I'm more justified than ever spending all my money on games. What else am I going to do? Go on holiday? The Steam Summer Sale has kicked off now, discounting thousands of games, so I know where my savings are going. The sale is on between now and July 8th, so we have two weeks to nab some sweet deals.

Get your butt over to Steam to see the good stuff. Once we've had a chance to browse the Summer Sale ourselves, I'm sure we'll have some recommendations to fire your way.

As always, Valve are gamifying the buying of games this year. Rather than just the typical points system, however, this year they say Steam users will be able to "Forge Your Fate though fourteen themed pages featuring destiny-defining micro-adventures". Which all sounds very dramatic. Each of these adventures will earn you an animated sticker, and ultimately a "fate-forged" badge.

The usual points thing is back too. You'll earn points depending on how much you spend in the sale, and those let you buy animated backgrounds, mini-profiles, avatars, and color schemes from various games in the Points Shop.

Steam's Summer Sale runs from June 24th until July 8th.

Have you seen any sweet deals yet that you'd like to recommend, reader?

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