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The stellar SteelSeries Arctis 7 gaming headset is down to £100 in the Prime Early Access Sale

That’s just £1 shy of its lowest ever Amazon price

When there’s a Prime Day, Black Friday, or any other big dealspalooza involving games hardware, it never takes long to find a SteelSeries headset with a money-off sticker slapped across an earcup. This time, on the second and final day of Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, it’s also one of SteelSeries’ best headsets so far: the Arctis 7 wireless model.

This was on sale yesterday too, when the event began, but today I noticed it’s lost another £10. That brings it down to £100, the cheapest it’s been on Amazon UK since January 2022. In fact, had it dropped a teensy bit further, below £99, it would have reached a new all-time low. Ah well, £100 is still smart money when the same headset is currently at a deal-deprived $220 over on Amazon US.

UK deal:

SteelSeries Arctis 7 - £100 (was £150) from Amazon UK

It’s still not downright cheap by wider PC headset standards, but there’s little question of getting your money’s worth. Katharine even called the Arctis 7 “the best gaming headset ever made” when she reviewed it back in 2017, and since headsets are not CPUs, this is the the kind of hardware upgrade that still stands up five years later. It’s got a great mic, very capable (and customisable) sound output, and practically latency-free wireless connectivity, all in a relatively tactful and mature design. Which, erm, isn’t always true of gaming peripherals.

Comfort is king, though, as far as the Arctis 7 is concerned. A stretchy fabric head band – my personal favourite thing about this and all other SteelSeries headsets – contours comfortably to your bonce, distributing the weight evenly and generally making the whole headset feel softer and lighter. Looovely.

Our Prime Early Access Sale best deals hub has a few more affordable alternatives, but given the Arctis 7 got out of bed feeling £10 lighter this morning, I reckon it’s worth highlighting. If you don’t have a Prime membership, you can still partake in Amazon’s offer by signing up for Prime’s 30-day free trial, but you’ll have to be nimble: the sale ends at midnight tonight.

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