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The Stillness Of The Wind melancholically launches today

Get your goat

Goat-herding depression simulator The Stillness Of The Wind is out now. Followup to the free Where The Goats Are by Lambic Studios, it's ostensibly a game about farming, but a million miles from Stardew Valley's industriousness. Players control Talma, a little old lady living out in the middle of nowhere, tending to her small herd of goats and living out her twilight days in near-solitude. If it's anything like its predecessor, expect hints of tragedy and the creeping sense of unease that comes from quiet isolation. See the launch trailer below, but there's no need to rush.

While I've only had a few minutes to wander around Talma's tiny farmstead, I already get the sense that this is a game best played with a mug of hot cocoa and snacks to hand. Maybe some tissues just in case some dust gets caught in your eye. Played entirely with the mouse (at least so far), you click to move Talma around and interact with objects. She's old and crumbly, so takes her time getting around, so take it easy. While you could try to play as efficiently as possible, hearing her laugh after petting a goat or doodling in the sand with a stick is worth the extra time and effort.

Just from the small bit I've played, it feels like it's about small routines. You milk your goats, churn it to make cheese, tend to your small plot of crops and do it all over again. The trailer, however, suggests that there's at least a little bit of looming darkness to worry about, out in the sands. Maybe not the kind that jumps up and goes 'boo'. Arguably worse - the kind that doesn't even care that you exist. It's a quiet, simple thing that I'd probably be dedicating my night to to indulge my curiosity and see just how deep are the shadows it casts, if I didn't already have plans for the evening.

The Stillness Of The Wind is out now on Steam for £8.49/€8.89/$11.04 and Itch for a little more as there's no launch discount. It's published by Fellow Traveller.

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