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The stunning Corsair iCUE 5000X mid-tower case is suspiciously cheap on Amazon UK

£116.66 for a case with a £220 RRP, that normally sells for £155+.

The Corsair iCUE 5000X is the Californian company's best mid-size computer case, thanks to its clean tempered glass design, excellent cooling support and a range of features that make it easy to build in. The 5000X normally costs quite a bit - the RRP is £220 and even discounts drop it to £155+ - but today it's down to £116.66 when you buy from Box via Amazon.

That could be a misprice, given the vast price discrepancy between the RRP and sale price. With only two units available you'll have to move fast to pick this one up...

corsair 5000x pc case, showing at £116.66 on Amazon

Corsair's glitzy site does a good job of promoting the 5000X, but I'll quickly sum it up for you here. The 5000X is the premium version of the 5000D, with three (expensive) SP RGB Elite RGB fans installed up front to pull air through the system, front to back. While you get tempered glass on the front, showing off the fans in all their glory, you also get wide channels on either side that let the case draw in a decent amount of air too. Combined with a vented side panel, and you've got substantially better thermal performance than Corsair's previous-generation glass-fronted cases, without sacrificing these cases' good looks.

Inside, the 5000X is very easy to work in. There's plenty of space and tie-down points for your cables, most elements can be move or removed without tools, and there's support for large radiators in the front, side and top. The bottom of the case is dedicated to the power supply, with a shroud that hides cables and other unsightly components from view. The white colour of this case takes the RGB lighting to the next level, and lets you go for an all-white build if you've got the components, or a black/white 'stormtrooper' kind of build if your components are the default gaming colour of black.

Anyway, there is a lot more that I could write about this case, but I'll just say that I've got the slightly bigger version, the 7000D Airflow, and it's been brilliant for me - very comfortable to work in, plenty of space and clear evidence of thoughtful designers everywhere. If that kind of philosophy appeals to you, then do give the deal a look before those last few cases sell through. Cheers!

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