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The Sunday Papers

The Sunday Papers: A Sunday List compiled from Monday to Saturday by RPS of the finest Monday to Saturday game-related commentary we've seen and then published on a Sunday - in a list - of said articles (except the Monday to Saturday articles we've had second thoughts about) and trying to avoid linking to some Sunday lo-fi pop-punk thing an Monday to Saturday artist mate of mine linked to on Monday to Saturday.

  • Gamasutra publish the Bioshock Postmortem. I was considering spinning this off into a full post, but haven't got time to go through it and pull out the interesting bits and comment, but time presses. Let's just get people chatting with one of the concluding remarks: "Our goal when we set out to make BioShock was very clear. We wanted to get to the next level, moving beyond our suite of critically acclaimed games to make a blockbuster."
  • We've never linked to Tim Rogers before, I believe. Not sure why - I suspect it tends to be inflammatory. But he's reviewing a PC-indie touchstone Cave Story here, and is in a relatively accessible form, so let's give it a shot. "Relatively accessible" doesn't mean "not really like how anyone else does it", however. The contextualisation for once here is some fun and worthwhile meditations of games auterism. Yay!
  • I wasn't at PAX but friend of RPS Andrew Mayer was, who did a presentation about When Player Feedback Backfires which Gamespot have written up. It's essentially about knowing when to tell your audience to fuck right off.
  • We've linked to the Silent Amateur before. It's a gentleman who's playing through the series-best Hitman: Blood Money missions in the stupidest way possible. Screenshots make it, but the text shimmers too. Anyway - it's all done now.
  • Leigh takes a break from staring longingly at the shelves of Hentai titles to take on the classic What Do Women Want In Games? title. I link because it's fun and that - as described in the article - Leigh and I seem to be the only people in the reviewing community who genuinely love Mercenaries 2. And this needs to be said. Worth stressing I haven't played the PC version yet, which sounds even twitchier than the pretty-fuckin'-twitchy 360 one.
  • PC advocacy malarkies! Lorne Lanning of Oddworld fame thinks that consoles are the problem for lots of really quite sensible reasons. Meanwhile PCG:US' Editor in Chief Kristen Salvatore writes a little manifesto about how you can save the PC. Manifesto, eh? Tricky blighters.
  • Blizzard interview watch! Frank Pearce describes Blizzard's success as "exhausting". Which kind of got an aww! diddums! response from the assembled RPSites. Meanwhile, Jay Wilson talks Diablo III with special reference to the accusations of homosexual preference - akin to World of Warcraft's - in the colour scheme. And, just for the record, the OMFG! Diablo3ghey!!!! debate is the most ludicrous talking point in PC gaming this year.
  • Almost not linked to for the casual use of "raping", but Games Radar's David Houghton explains why you're playing the bad guys in Gears of War.
  • Simon Parkin having a big ol' think about why, after the internet response to Guitar Praise (since we haven't covered it: Basically, Guitar hero but with Christian Rock) Christian gaming is so Maligned. Agreeably Even-handed.
  • The Okmoniks: Scuzzy tweekfuzz fanzine punk stuff.


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