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The Surge out today from Lords of the Fallen devs

Murder those robots

"The Surge has hacked off a couple of limbs from Dark Souls, but it's using them to build something a little different rather than leaning its entire weight on them," Adam said when he played a preview version earlier this year. If that piqued your interest, hey: The Surge [official site] is out today. Our boy Brendan is beating robots to death to build weapons to beat up other robots so he can tell us Wot He Thinks at some point but for now, consider this a reminder of its release.

It's the future, right, and something something a bad thing happens and you're stuck in a mechsuit and must fight robots and co-workers who've lost their minds. Combat's quite Dark Souls-y, our Adam said, though upgrades are crafted after carefully lopping bits off enemies. Here, this trailer shows some fisticuffs:

The Surge is made by Deck13, who also co-developed the Dark Souls-inspired Lords of the Fallen. It's published by Focus Home Interactive, which... look, I don't know what Brendy's making of The Surge but Focus Home's catalogue is largely mid-budget, perfectly average 7/10 action games. This is about what I expect here.

The Surge hits Steam in several hours. A 10% discount will make it £35.99/44,99€/$44.99 at first.

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The Surge

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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