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The Utter News - Mersday 32nd Augember

Every week in The Utter News, Rock, Paper, Shotgun brings you the biggest stories in PC gaming, and none of the truth that just spoils it for everyone.

The swelling at Take Two is showing no signs of going down. After bumping their leg in the October fight with Ubisoft, the publisher continued to receive heavy blows without medical intervention, and now looks likely to have got an infection. The bulge is said to be slightly red, and occasionally throb. Take Two is on a course of antibiotics, and spending a fair amount of time in bed, but expected to make a full recovery in time for November's punch-up with 1C.

The ceasefire at Valve Software is in a precarious position as of this morning, with developers from both sides threatening to restart strikes today should territory infractions continue. The dispute that began over ownership of the main corridor seven months ago, resulting in the Left 4 Dead team taking hostages from those working on Episode Three. Accusations of torture aimed at L4D developers are still being investigated by Amnesty International, while the location of Gabe Newell remains unknown, with both sides claiming to have him locked up in a cupboard.

Peter Molyneux has denied accusations of witchcraft. The allegations first emerged when he was seen flying around on a broomstick and wearing what eye-witnesses described as, "a black, pointy hat with some stars and a moon stuck on it." Molyneux explained that he was merely borrowing the flying brush from a witch friend, "just to have a quick go." He has conceded that the hat was his own, and that he made it with some help from his mum. Police investigations continue.

This week's PC gaming charts have seen a surprise number one entry for Katy Perry. The album went straight to the top of the videogame charts after an error during the final mixing process, which left the songs recorded in the first-person, with a gun bobbing at the bottom. PC Format's Mike Channell told reporters, "The graphics are amazing, but I can't get past the boss at the end of track 6."

And in sports news, the final result between 2K Boston and Ubisoft Montreal was a nil-nil draw, with a rematch scheduled for next Saturday. Tickets will be available from Friday afternoon, but are expected to sell out quickly. Meanwhile the decider between Sony Europe and Sega Of America has been delayed due to a cornerless pitch.

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