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The Wager Is Complete, The Archive Revealed

Remember the completely splendid Pirates-like The Wager? Well, it's getting bigger again, and developers Surprised Man are calling it complete. Which means they're ready to announce their next game, The Archive. You can find out more about both below.

It's well worth getting hold of the completely free The Wager. A pirate-themed game that touches on Colonisation and Cpt Meier's Pirates, you make a bet with a rival sea-lubber that you can earn more money in the given time than that bastard, Sir Lester Marwood. It's an explore-em-up, with games only lasting about 15 minutes, making it the perfect accompaniment to a lunch break or need for a quick burst of distracting fun. For instance, this sentence is being written 15 minutes later than the previous one.

Version 1.2 is out in a couple of days, and adds in some useful new features. You can, at last, build docks on colonised islands, which means you can explore further into the map, and there are some extra-high value islands introduced. New upgrades have been added. There's lots of new content, which is the main reason for playing - jokes and events to read about, and of course a bunch of tweaks.

And that sees the team move on to The Archive, about which we know nothing at all but for the following screenshot:

So there you go then. We'll order Surprised Man to tell us more about it immediately.

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