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The WD Blue SN550 is down to a historic $85 for Prime Day

A saving of $25 on today's best gaming SSD

It was inevitable, really. The WD Blue SN550 might not be on a good Amazon Prime Day deal in the UK, but its 1TB model can now be snapped up for a new all-time low price of just $85 over in the US. That's a saving of $25 off its usual price.

This NVMe SSD really is one of the best SSDs for gaming you can buy right now, and at $85 it's also one of the best value ones, too. There aren't a huge number of good SSD deals going on right now for Amazon Prime Day, but really, who needs anything else when you've got the WD Blue SN550? Not only is it one of the fastest cheap PCIe 3.0 drives you can buy right now, but it also offers comparable speeds to its much more expensive siblings, too, making it a much better use of your money overall.

Indeed, the 1TB Blue SN550 has been a pretty flat $105 or $110 all year so far. It briefly dipped to $100 during the first two weeks of February, according to my price tracker, but since then it's been well about the three figure line. It wasn't much cheaper during last year's Black Friday sale period either, with its lowest price halting at $95. As such, today's a great time to pick one up, as it's not only $25 cheaper than what it's cost all year, but $10 cheaper than its previous lowest-ever price.

Alas, only the 1TB model is on sale as part of Amazon Prime Day right now, as the 500GB model is currently sold out, and the 250GB and 2TB drives are still at their usual prices of $40 and $320 apiece. As such, if you're going to buy one SN550 today, make sure it's the 1TB version you stick in your basket, as the rest simply aren't as good value for money right now.

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