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Your Weapons Are Garbage In The Weaponographist

Adapt quickly

One of my favourite parts of Kane & Lynch 2, I'll yell over your boos and jeers, is how you start with rubbish guns and must forever scramble to find new weapons as they chew through ammo. It felt desperate and suddenly switching from a punchy revolver to a spraying machine pistol brought a fun challenge. This is going somewhere: The Weaponographist [official site] is a game all about that constant switching, a new trailer shows.

It's a top-down arena brawling roguelikelike with a knight who's cursed to have weapons crumble in seconds, so he'll forever switch from swords to bows to pogo sticks to wizard sticks. Come see.

Jerkface demon hunter Doug McGrave has refused to help a village for free, see, and is duly cursed. That's what you get. So now he's fighting hordes of monsters in arena battles with weapons that rapidly deteriorate in his hands, switching from swords to demon heads to magic staves to tommyguns, each of which plays differently.

It's a neat idea, though developers Puuba (them lot behind Concursion) saying you'll slowly remove the curse over the game reminds me of how Kane & Lynch 2 got boring once you had weapons that weren't rubbish. The combat in this trailer looks a little flat too. Add a little screenshake! Some fancy effects! Speed it up! Vlambeer it up!

The Weaponographist is due April 29th on Windows and Mac via Steam.

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