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The Witcher 2 1.1, Take 2

After a brief delay, the much-ballyhooed first major patch for CDP's rather well-received RPG landed last night, which means now's the chance to see whether their claims of an up to 30% frame rate improvement are the truest facts or a case of too much optimism. V1.1 also slices all the DRM out of the game, so you can install away on as many PCs as you can lay those grubby wee hands on. The Troll Trouble free DLC is included in the patch, which I'm pretty glad of as the game's launcher had been resolutely refusing to download it beforehand. Speaking of the launcher resolutely refusing to download things, v1.1 has made a bit of a mess in that respect. Oh, and Steam users? You're in a for a biiiiiiiiiig download.

Once the patch is installed, you'll find that the DLC and register options have temporarily corked it, admit the devs. CDP are working on a patch for the patch, but in the meantime you need to email one or several very specific email addresses if you need a particular piece of extra content.

In terms of laying hands on the patch, go here if you bought a retail version, check your GoG account page if you bought it from there or let Steam do its auto-thing if that was the source. In terms of the Steam version, I am warned by reliable sources who may or may not be Kieron Gillen that the patch actually entails redownloading what appears to be the entire 10GB game, so be aware of that/start your weeping now. Man - glad I've got the GoG version.

Anyone given the patch a spin yet? How's that performance claim proving?

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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