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The Witcher animated film's full trailer reveals yeah, Vesemir was also hot once

Well before the White Wolf's day

Okay video games, I think it's time to go take a cold shower. We've already been beset by young and unnecessarily attractive Hercule Poirot today and now Geralt's Witcher dad has been cursed with a case of nice face as well. Netflix have revealed a longer look at their upcoming animated film The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf and yup, Vesemir is hot now. Or used to be hot, rather. Here's the new trailer, which does actually get into a bit of plot bits aside from sticking yet another monster slayer in a tub.

Netflix premiered a rather short teaser during WitcherCon a couple weeks ago, but today's trailer is a much longer look at the upcoming film. Vesemir, if you don't know him, is Geralt's rather old Witcher mentor who appears in the original novels and CD Projekt Red's games. This prequel story takes place well before the White Wolf's day though.

"Vesemir grew up as a servant on a nobleman’s estate, working long days for too little coin," Netflix say. "He yearns to break free of his social standing and to explore the Continent to find his destiny."

How about that? There are bants. There are monsters and magic. There's a considerable lack of gruff, wordless "hmm"s. Yes yes, there's also a bathtub.

Netflix have introduced some of the characters you see in the trailer a bit more in a few quick posts. Tetra Gilcrest, descendant of one of The Continent's first mages, is a sorceress who ensures magic isn't abused. There's also Deglan the Skellige Isler and leader of the Witchers. Last up is Lady Zerbst: Kaedweni noble, king's adviser, and supporter of The Witchers.

They've also shared the main voice cast for Nightmare Of The Wolf and there sure is a decent amount of crossover going on. Vesemir is voiced by Theo James, who also voiced Hector in Netflix's Castlevania series. Graham McTavish is voicing Deglan. You'll have likely seen and heard him in all sorts of everything, also including the Castlevania series (as Dracula) and soon to be Dijkstra in season two of Netflix's The Witcher live action show. Lara Pulver, whose voice you may remember from BBC's Sherlock series (I do, anyway), is playing Tetra and Mary McDonnell is Lady Zerbst.

As they'd announced previously, Nightmare Of The Wolf premieres on Netflix on August 23. Season two of their live action Cavill-powered Witcher series premiers December 17.

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