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The Wolf Among Us 2 lives, but don't expect to hear it howl anytime soon


The Wolf Among Us 2 has had a ruff (hah) development, to put it lightly. Surviving the catastrophic implosion of Telltale Games, last year's edition of The Keighleys saw the creature wearing Telltale's skin arise to confirm that the big bad sequel was still in development. Don't get your hopes up for more news at tonight's awards, mind - the devs today explained that while The Wolf Among Us is still happening, it's not quite time to let this poor pup loose.

Not so much a delay considering TWAU2 had no announced release date, Telltale nevertheless chose to post a notice telling anxious fans not to hold their breaths on further Fabletown news anytime soon.

Based on the Fables comic series by Bill Willingham, The Wolf Among Us takes place in a noir New York city neighbourhood full of dislocated fairytale characters. Bigby up there is the Big Bad Wolf, sure, but he's also a sort of community sheriff, with the first game seeing you sleuth through this grim (or grimm?) world of murders and intrigue.

The sequel was announced back in 2017 with a release planned the following year. Then, unfortunately, Telltale went through a sudden, massive shutdown laying off all their staff and binning nearly all of their projects. A holding company appeared out of nowhere to buy up the Telltale name and acquire rights to some (but not all) of their series - announcing that Wolfamongus Two was resuming development shortly thereafter at last year's The Game Awards.

Today's announcement does at least confirm that things are still rolling on the wolf front, with the entire season being developed at once. It'll just be a while yet before we hear anything concrete. It also notes that, while they've been busy re-releasing old games, a number of old Telltale Titles are no longer in their control.

In one case, at least, they don't even need to. A group of former Telltale folks working under the name Skunkape have already gone and remastered Sam & Max Save The World themselves.

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