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Yell At Voice-Controlled There Came An Echo On Feb 24th


Voice control pops up in PC games every now and then, but has never stuck around long enough to not be eyed suspiciously as possibly a gimmick. For folks handy with a mouse, the question is often "Why would I want to yell when I can click quicker?" A new trailer for voice-controlled squad tactics 'em up There Came An Echo goes a far way towards answering that, as well as announcing a release date of February 24th. In short: because being a squad commander yelling at folks who'll shout back at you can feel pretty cool.

See, in the cyberfuture, something happens with computers and code and stuff, so you need shoot men. Your squad is controlled with voice commands, which range from simple things like telling someone to move to a mark to slightly fancier ones like telling multiple characters to switch weapons on your mark, or "everyone but" someone doing something. See, watch this:

If you want to see more, this video demonstrates a short combat section and this one pokes at its story and voice cast, which includes Wil Wheaton and Ashly Burch.

My only experience with voice control in recent years has been yelling at an Xbox One to play a DVD of John Waters' A Dirty Shame. It was a bit shoddy but I shan't hold that against voice control, and I won't blame voice control for my Kinect problems either. Hey-o! Jokes.

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There Came an Echo

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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