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These 1440p Samsung monitors are back down to their Black Friday prices

Plus two great SSD deals.

It seems to be all go on Samsung deals this week, as Amazon have slashed the prices on two Samsung gaming monitors today as part of their wider Samsung sale event. Technically, they're different models of the same display, Samsung's CJG5. One is a curved 32in model, while the other is a curved 27in job, but the important thing is that both of these 144Hz, 2560x1440 screens are back down to the same price they were over last year's Black Friday period, making it a good time to pick them up.

Over the last few months, both monitors would have set you back at least £300, according to my Amazon price tracker, which is generally what I'd expect monitors like this with 144Hz refresh rates and 2560x1440 resolutions to cost anyway. As a result, today's saving of £60 on each to take them well below that £300 mark is pretty good going in the grand scheme of things.

There are a couple of caveats to consider here, though. You'll likely need a fair amount of desk space to accommodate these displays, as their height-adjustable stands aren't quite like the usual up-down jobs seen on other gaming monitors. Instead, they have a kind of ball and socket hinge about half way up the monitor that allows you to move it up and back or forward and down. The base is also quite deep as a result, so you'll likely need quite a lot of clearance to get the most out of it.

Still, provided you've got a decent-sized desk, there's definitely a lot to like here. While I haven't tested one of Samsung's CJG5 monitors myself, I've always been pretty impressed with the VA panels they've used on other gaming monitors I've had in for review, and their contrast ratios and viewing angles have usually been pretty decent.

The two CJG5 monitors aren't the only worthwhile Samsung deals going on today, though. Amazon have also dropped the prices of the 1TB and 2TB models of Samsung's T5 portable SSD, taking the former down to £126, which is just £10 more than it was over last year's Black Friday sales (and a good £25 cheaper than what it's cost recently), while the 2TB version is down to £259.

The 2TB model is still a bit more expensive than it was over Black Friday, where it fell to a record low of £244 at the end of November last year, but it's still considerably cheaper than what it's cost over the last six months, where it's frequently gone for upwards of £320, according to my price tracker. It settled at around £291 at the beginning of July, but today's price is still a good £30 less than that - and certainly much better value than paying £337 for its newer Samsung T7 counterpart.

If none of these monitor or SSD deals float your boat, though, then you can find more great prices in our regularly updated gaming monitor deals and SSD deals hubs.

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