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These Hitman 3 speedruns happen so fast I hardly know what happened

Are you serious? 17 seconds?

Hitman 3 has now been out for just a couple days, so naturally speedrunners have already managed to beat its levels in under a minute. I really like puzzle-y stealth games but I approach them as I do a game of chess: thoughtfully, slowly, and badly. That makes me the exact opposite of the folks who are already making their way through Hitman 3 levels quickly, skillfully, and mercilessly. They're doing it in under a minute too. Jeez.

Seriously, watch this speedrunner take multiple attempts at Hitman 3's Dubai level which calls for two target assassinations. This attempt uses an alternate start for the mission where Agent 47 is already decked out in a pretty advantageous disguise.

He can leave the staff area he starts out in, run down a hallway, and use a silenced pistol to snipe one target off a balcony while just out of view of any guards. He then immediately turns around, distracts a group of guards around the second target, and kills that one too. It takes a couple attempts to get it just right, but this mission comes in at 24 seconds which, I am appalled to say, ranked as 35th in the world. Are you kidding me? 35th with that kind of time?

Okay, alright, let's look at another then. This one starts out with the Dubai level's standard start with Agent 47 in a lowly crew shirt. And yet, look at him just run out on the balcony to this same, blessed spot, chuck a phone as  a distraction, kill one target, shoot the phone, and then shoot the second target too. It's all over in 21 seconds! That, thank goodness, does put this speedrunner in first place on the global leaderboard.

Or at least it did because just you wait there's more. Here's a third speedrun, which goes back to Agent 47's security guard start. This speedrunner uses the same route as the first but has really distilled it down to a near flawless execution.

Agent 47 sprints down this same hallway, once again. It takes him just one second to aim and kill the target on the balcony. After that he turns around and chucks a magnesium pouch into the room behind him. It goes off, temporarily blinding both the guards and Agent 47 himself. No matter, he's a master assassin. Agent 47 kills the second target while under the effects of his own flash grenade, and then flees the scene. Are you freaking kidding me? They aren't just assassinating targets faster than I can keep track, they're murdering each other's records before I can blink too.

Speedrunning is a fascinating pursuit, especially in cases like these where players aren't using glitches and tricks but are just playing the game extremely quickly and precisely. I find it wild that players have gotten their hands on the game and already decided on such an efficient route in a matter of days. I've not even gone on to watch runs of the later levels because I'm just so caught up watching the evolution of various players attempting records in Dubai.

If you, like me, are not nearly this efficient at Hitman 3, have a look at RPS's Hitman 3 Dubai walkthrough that'll teach you some of the secrets to getting around stealthily.

Our Hitman 3 review indicates that Agent 47's latest romp is a quality finale to a great trilogy, even if Io Interactive's servers have been struggling a bit this week.

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