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These modders are building a "direct sequel" to Dark Souls

New map and all.

There's nothing quite like the first time you play Dark Souls. Sure, you can go back with new builds, try a new weapon or go for a no-hit run, but you'll never quite recapture the feeling of not knowing what's around the next corner. That's why a group of modders have decided to go and make their own Dark Souls "sequel", Nightfall, offering a whole new adventure with a completely new world.

Well, almost completely new. As reported by PC Gamer, a team of modders headed up by the creator of expansive overhaul mod Daughters Of Ash, Grimrukh, are trying to create "a direct sequel to Dark Souls" with expanded lore and it's own, bespoke map.

But as Grimrukh explains on his site, he's not creating the world from scratch. Rather, Dark Souls: Nightfall is being cobbled together from bits of Lordran, using existing map pieces and collisions to kitbash together a new adventure. While that means nothing will be entirely new, there should be a subtle delight in trying to remove your memory of the base game's layout while trying to explore the world.

Likewise, while there'll be no completely new enemy models, the team are retexturing and reworking existing foes to create brand new foes with their own quirks and attack patterns. The mod also promises a faster-paced combat system in line with Quick Souls, whose creator (AinTunez) is working on an expanded vision of that mod's ideas.

It sounds impressive, especially considering the Dark Souls modding community has only been properly dabbling in custom maps for just under a year. But then, like the players themselves, the Dark Souls modding scene are no strangers to a good challenge, and it seems like the team is coming from plenty of experience on their own twists on From's format.

Though there's no guess at a release just yet, the mod appears to have been in development for roughly a year. You might find the odd sneak peek going forward over on Grimrukh's Twitter feed.

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