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These Valheim mods make things so much easier

Improve your viking's quality of life

I've played Valheim a fair bit with some pals, and we're proud owners of a modest viking den with some happy bees. All in all, it's a nice time. But there are a few small things that irk me about norse life, like inventory management, crafting, and other little things. And it seems that I'm not the only one with a ruffled beard. To help smooth out these bumps, I've sought out some mods in an effort to improve my clan's quality of life.

I'm not usually one to turn to mods, but just having a scroll through Valheim's Nexus Mods page is really giving me the itch to do some work under the leather hood.

If there's one thing in Valheim that really grinds my gears, it's the way armour I've equipped still takes up valuable inventory space. Well, the Equipment & Quick Slots mod by "RandyKnapp" solves this issue by adding separate slots for all your armour pieces, plus an additional three hotkey slots. Finally, I can glug those potions in a pinch.

A look at the equipment slots mod for Valheim.

Sometimes, I want to build without having to rifle through chests to find the materials I need. Craft and Build From Containers by "Aedenthorn" lets you pull resources from all containers in range when you're crafting, upgrading, or building a construction piece. Alright, that's sorted then.

RandyKnapp's back at it again, but this time they've made some improvements to Valheim's building menu. When crafting a Tanning Rack, for example, it shows you how much of each resource you've got, as well as the total number of Tanning Racks you're able to make. For someone like me who hasn't got a clue how much stuff I've hoarded, this one seems pretty handy.

Onto a small one from "Xenofell" here, called Jeeves The Repair Bot. Think of this as an automatic repair module for your workbench, so everytime you go to craft something, your gear will be as good as new. Cheers Jeeves.

Yep, Aedenthorn also returns with the Super Jump mod. This lets you perform double jumps by default, but you can set it to infinite if you want. My viking's quality of life will skyrocket with this one.

It's worth noting that some of these mods may clash with one another, so make sure to read each mod's description to check their compatibility. And to get these mods working in the first place, you'll need to install the BepInExPack for Valheim before anything else. It's a set of libraries and tools for allowing Unity modding, and makes Valheim mods possible without official support.

There are of course many other mods out there which help make viking life in Valheim a little easier to handle. The Valheim Plus mod being a solid example of this. But there are also more fun mods too, like one which adds a first-person perspective, which Graham believes is the only way to play.

Oh, and if some of the outrageous player buildings Imogen looked at are anything to go by, these mods are only going to get more elaborate.

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