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These WD SSD and portable HDD deals drive a hard bargain

Loads of super storage deals.

The deals train just won't stop today. Hot on the heels of their big Logitech and Razer sale, Amazon have also slashed the prices of dozens of WD Black and Blue SSDs and portable hard drives today, including the excellent Black P10 drives, their super fast Black SN750 NVMe SSDs and their good value Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD.

Everyone loves buckets of storage on the cheap, so let's start with those Black P10 portable hard drives. All size capacities are on offer today, with many back down at the historic low prices we've seen over the last six months.

The 2TB Black P10 is probably the least good value out of this current set of discounts, as it fell as low as £63 just a couple of weeks ago according to my Amazon price tracker, and has been a steady £70 for most of the last three months. The 3TB model, meanwhile (which is one of the Xbox branded drives but still works perfectly fine with PC), is a pretty good deal, although it has been £85 a couple of times before in the last three months. Either way, the last time it was any cheaper than this was all the way back in January, where it dropped down to £80, so still a pretty decent deal overall.

The 4TB model, on the other hand, has the biggest discount of £20 off right now, and it's also the cheapest it's been since January, where it fell to its all-time low of £90. As for the 5TB model, this has fluctuated between its current price and £125 for the last couple of months, so it's still a decent enough deal in the grand scheme of things.

If it's some cheap internal SSD storage, you're after, though, then these WD Blue 3D NAND discounts are very tempting indeed. While not as fast as the Samsung 860 Evo or Crucial MX500 SATA SSDs, the WD Blue 3D NAND is still a great SSD for the money and definitely the best value at these new deal prices:

You can find a full list of how much the Samsung and Crucial drives cost by comparison over in our regularly updated SSD deals hub, but needless to say, this is one of the cheapest ways to get a 1TB+ SATA SSD right now, as these prices even beat the excellent value Samsung 860 Qvo.

Alternatively, if it's one of WD's Black SN750 NVMe drives you're after, then there are some great deals to be found here, too. Alas, only a couple of size options are on sale today, but there are still all-time low prices to be found on the regular 500GB model and nearly historic lows on the regular 1TB version. Indeed, the only time the latter has been cheaper than this was over last year's Black Friday bonanza, where it fell to £125, so today's price is still pretty competitive.

As for the fancier heatsink editions of the SN750, the 1TB model has been cheaper in the past, falling to £140 back in February, but this is the cheapest it's been since. The same goes for the 2TB model as well. Indeed, the lowest price I've seen for this particular drive was £303 back at the end of January, but considering this drive has cost closer to £400 for a good chunk of time since then, this is still a welcome return back down toward the cheaper end of its price range.

Finally, while it's not part of today's big mega sale, you can still get a 1TB WD Blue SN550 drive for as little as £95 right now, which continues to be a fantastic deal on arguably the best value NVMe SSD you can buy right now.

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