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These working bunkbeds for The Sims 4 are amazing, including an agonising pun

Bunker? I hardly know her!

As I continue to build stuff in The Sims 4, I am going to start highlighting some of the amazing work being done by custom content creators. This week, one of my absolute favourite creators, Ravasheen, released a new bedroom set - the That's What She Bed bunk bed series (one of the reasons Ravasheen is a favourite of mine is that all of their custom content has an agonising pun name). They're cool, they're customisable, and they actually work. Sims can get in the top bunk and do a sleep!

This is especially amazing because even though I haven't been in The Sims fandom very long, I already know that they have been hammering at Maxis's gates demanding liberté, égalité, lit superposé for quite some time now. The That's What She Bed series comes with a bunch of other furniture, several configurations for the beds, and is generally cute af. Here are some photos demonstrating these facts.

As well as the standard bunk bed set up illustrated in the header photo, you can use the loft bed and single bed together for a more unconventional set up, like below. On these bunks I've used the beds from Ravasheen's Tropic Like It's Hot beach house pack, which has its own functional bunk bed in a cool wood and rope design that is super good for beachy themes. The wallpaper you can see is also all from that set and I love it so hard. The rugs are also Ravasheen's work.

I really love the detail that Ravasheen puts in, especially with swatches - the different paint jobs you can give furniture, essentially. There are two slightly different versions of both the upper and lower beds that have different swatches for the bedspreads, and they're both extremely cute and suit a variety of styles. The furniture itself also comes in different colours, and there's a toddler sized version too.

Probably my favourite configuration is this one, where you can fit a fully functional desk and chair set under the loft bed. You can see the mirrored chest of drawers that's part of the set on the left, there.

Seriously, is it not just the absolute best?? To prove I'm not bluffing, here is a gif of a Sim getting into the top bunk for a nap. There isn't a perfect animation of him going up the ladder or anything, and getting out is similarly a bit weird, as the sim clips through the frame of the bed before standing up in mid air and then blinking out of existence and back to the floor. But whaddaya you filthy animals want? This shit is free!

All of this works in combination with Ravasheen's existing custom content. In particular, I love the Major Inspo Corkboard with all its lovely art prints, the brand new Peg To Differ set, which you can plug different bits of clutter and deco(ration) slotted shelves into, and the Do It Your Shelf cubbies, which are totally modular and can be combined in different ways.

I'll keep saying that you should check out all of Ravasheen's stuff, because there's loads more (especially some really cool retro kitchen sets and shelving). But if you get one thing by Ravasheen, consider these cool as fuck bunk beds.

If you have any suggestions for your favourite custom content, or you're a creator who thinks you've made something amazing, email me to tell me about it!

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