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They Made Something Unreal: Supermods

The current Make Something Unreal contest is approaching its Grand Final, but in a way it's more interesting to take a look at the winners of the penultimate round of Unreal 3 mod face-offs, Phase 4. It's a collection of truly excellent mods, demonstrating both the power and versatility of the latest Unreal engine, and how much better still it looks when someone with more imagination/willingness to risk-take than creators Epic take a crack at making something with it. While obviously established names such as The Ball and Airborn are in there, there's so much in the list that I've not previously heard of and am now itching to aim my graphics card at....

The psychedelic lineart didacticism of Hazard - The Journey of Life!

The alt-Victorian vehicular combat of Steamracers!

The RTS-FPS experimentation of Angels Fall First: Planetstorm!

There's also a clutch of mighty fine machinima, such as this tragicomic tale of a videogame-obsessed Actionman:

Many more mods, maps and machinima movies here. Man, I wish I was talented.

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