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They've Got It! Wadjet Eye Announces Blackwell Epiphany

Adventure supremo Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games has announced a new entry into the lovely Blackwell series. The fifth game of the ghost-n-detective adventures is called Epiphany, and once again has Gilbert writing, with Ben Chandler on background painting and sprites. Which is exactly as you'd want it.

In a typically understated fashion, the fifth game has been announced in a forum post on the AGS site. Gilbert explains that this time out the investigative pair are chasing down a a force that is tearing people's very souls apart, aiming to release this Autumn.

If you're not familiar with the Blackwell games, what better time than now to get yourself acquainted? It begins with The Blackwell Legacy, where medium Rosangela Blackwell first meets laconic ghost Joey Mallone, investigating a series of spook-related suicides at a local university. Then comes Blackwell Unbound, this time set in 1973, featuring Rosa's aunt, Lauren Blackwell, hunting down a serial killer. Third is The Blackwell Convergence, back with Rosa, and fourth is The Blackwell Deception seeing the regular pair investigating the peculiar deaths of fake street psychics.

The pricing is a little wayward, however. If you get each game separately they're £7 each on Wadjet's own site. Get them on Steam and they're only £4 each, apart from Deception which is £7. Or you can get the first three in a bundle from Wadjet for £11, and then the fourth from either. Man! Either way, you're getting four really decent adventures (perhaps a little let down by the voice acting, and more especially, poor recording in places) for under £20. Which seems like a good thing to me.

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