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This 165Hz 1440p MSI gaming monitor is down to £298

A solid monitor right at the current spec sweet spot.

The MAG272CQR is one of MSI's best monitors, hitting the current spec sweet spot - 27-in, 1440p, 165Hz. It debuted at £400 last year, but now it's down to £100 less than that on Amazon UK - just £298.97, if you want to be exact. The price on this monitor has changed a fair bit over the last few months, ranging from £329 to £379, but it's a low price we haven't seen the likes of for some time.

So why is this spec - and this particular monitor - so good? Well, for years the 'default' monitor was pretty straightforward - around 24 inches, 1080p and 60Hz. Now, you get a fair bit more for your money: a slightly larger 27-in screen, a higher 1440p resolution and a faster refresh rate of 165Hz. That means, assuming your computer is up to the task, you'll get an image that's larger, has better spatial resolution and better temporal resolution - or to say it another way, it'll be bigger, sharper and smoother. Changing either of these specs makes a big difference, but for a product that you tend to keep from years and years, changing both makes a lot of sense.

This monitor in particular is well-reviewed, including right here at RPS. The subtly curved screen adds to the immersion without making spreadsheets too confusing, the VA panel provides excellent contrast for dark scenes (both in-game and IRL) and the stand, USB hub and RGB are a few nice extras. The monitor supports HDR, but with a peak brightness of around 300 nits it isn't the sort of HDR worth writing home about - in fact, I'd probably be tempted to keep it in SDR mode most of the time as HDR doesn't really become worthwhile until you start reaching around 600 nits of brightness, IMO, and HDR highlights become actually noticeable.

Besides the core specs, the monitor supports FreeSync for AMD graphics cards (and the Xbox) and works as a G-Sync Compatible monitor with Nvidia GPUs too. No matter where you're playing, you should have the option for a tear-free gaming experience if you want it - or keep it off for the lowest possible input lag, your choice.

With all things said and done, this is a sterling monitor for a good price, so do check some reviews and check out the link above if you're interested! Thanks for taking the time to read the article, and stay tuned for more from the good ship RPS.

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