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This 16GB Corsair RAM kit is the cheapest it's been for ages

Vengeance is sweet

If you're after some more RAM for your PC, then you'd do well to have a gander at this 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX set over on Amazon UK, where it's the lowest price it's been for months. Sure, at £65, the discount on Amazon's product page only says you're saving a fiver at the moment, but our price trackers show that you would have paid around £80 for it a couple of weeks ago, if not nearer £85 at the start of April. Indeed, the last time this 3200MHz set cost £65 was all the way back in January, making this a great time to snap it up if you're in the middle of upgrading your PC.

As well as being the lowest price it's been for ages, these Corsair sticks are also one of the cheapest 3200MHz 16GB RAM set we've seen more generally, too. Crucial's Ballistix set will set you back £68 at the moment, for example, while the cheapest HyperX set we've found will cost you £75. Indeed, unless you fancy this knobbly £61 Patriot Viper 4 Blackout RAM, then Corsair's Vengeance LPX sticks are the cheapest 3200MHz RAM you're going to find right now. Even better, this particular set of Vengeance LPX RAM doesn't come with any flashy LEDs, so you can slot them into your PC rainbow-free, too.

However, if 3200MHz isn't quick enough for you, then you'll probably be pleased to hear that you can also get a 3600MHz set of Corsair Vengeance LPX sticks for just a little bit more at £77. You'd normally pay around £85-90 for this particular set, making it another great saving for would-be upgraders.

Really, though, you're probably fine with a speed of 3200MHz, as this is already more than enough for great gaming performance. Opting for the faster 3600MHz won't have a massive impact on the number of frames you're going to get, so I'd recommend sticking with the 3200MHz set and putting the extra tenner towards something else in your PC build, such as a better SSD or a slightly fancier graphics card (the best prices for which can both be found in our regularly updated graphics card deals and SSD deals pages).

16GB is a good amount for a modern gaming PC, too. It's the amount we recommend in our £1000 RPS Rig, and will give you a bit more leeway for playing games while juggling other desktop tasks such as streaming or chatting over Discord. Moving up to 32GB, meanwhile, is a rather pointless act for now, unless you happen to be running a server or dealing with massive databases on a regular basis.

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