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This 32-inch gaming monitor is down to £150.74 when you use a 20% off code at Ebay

That's a solid price for a 1440p 75Hz monitor of this size.

ViewSonic VX3276-2K-mhd-2
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Prefer a larger monitor? Right now you can pick up a Viewsonic 32-incher with a 1440p resolution and 75Hz refresh rate for just £150.74 using a 20% off voucher at Ebay. That's a good deal for a monitor of this size and spec, especially from a brand like ViewSonic, and well worth considering for gaming and content creation. Let's take a closer look.

This monitor ticks a lot of boxes for me. As well as that pleasantly large span, its 1440p resolution is just high enough to not look too pixelated while not being so high that you need a powerful PC to drive it. The 75Hz refresh rate is also a nice upgrade over your standard 60Hz panel, offering a bigger increase in responsiveness than you'd expect going from a 100Hz to 144Hz monitor (see aside).

The IPS panel used here is also a good choice for slower-paced gaming, media consumption and content creation, thanks to its accurate colour rendition, wide viewing angles, decent contrast (1200:1) and reasonable brightness (250 nits). Pixel response times aren't as fast as they could be, with a rated 4ms GtG, but are fast enough to be unproblematic when paired with a 75Hz refresh rate.

The extras here are also reasonable, including a 100x100 VESA mount that allows you to replace the included stand, and both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs (allowing you to hook the monitor to, for example, a PC and console simultaneously).

For the money, it's a struggle to find anything as good at the same size, so if you want to prioritise screen size on a budget this is a great choice.

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