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This 360Hz Dell Alienware monitor is just over $300 thanks to an Ebay 20% off code

That's less than $1 per hertz.

Dell's excellent Alienware AW2521H 360Hz monitor is going cheap on Ebay thanks to a 20% off discount code, bringing the monitor from its regular price of $380 to just $303.

That's among the cheapest we've ever seen a monitor of this spec, and a great deal for anyone that plays games like Counter-Strike or Valorant that really benefit from the increased responsiveness and decreased input lag of 360Hz.

To get the 20% discount, use code SUMMER20SAVE at the checkout, where you'll see the reduction reflected at the final step.

Of course, this sort of monitor isn't going to be for everyone - you'll need a powerful PC to generate anything close to 360fps, even in older esports titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite or Valorant. As well as FPS titles, I'd give this monitor the nod for competitive racers, as the lower input lag also helps in this genre, but for general use I'd suggest something more balanced like a 1440p 144Hz display - we have a load of suggestions of the best gaming monitors here!

If you do fall into that competitive category where this monitor makes sense, the AW2521H is a well-reviewed example. RTings call it 'an excellent gaming monitor' on the basis of its high-tech IPS panel, which manage to deliver wide viewing angles and realistic colours as well as that silky-smooth refresh rate and rapid pixel response times. The monitor also supports full-fat G-Sync, which ensures even lower frame-rate content lacks judder or screen tearing without the typical input lag penalty of old-school v-sync. Build quality and the stand are also touted highly, although I'd recommend mounting this monitor on a stand to give yourself more mousing space!

What do you think - is 360Hz too many hertz or is this just right for aspiring esportsers? Wag your fingers in disapproval/approval in the comments below!

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