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This adorable game about snapping photos of birds is now on itch.io

This cute bird game is out on itch.io now

The stylistically low-res game about snapping photos of little birds in your house has landed on itch.io today.  Toripon 鳥ポン may be tiny but it's packed in some personality in the form of a bird-based social network where fake folks comment on your lovely bird snaps with eloquent appreciation like "Yaaasss."

Toripon first caught my attention when it flew around on Twitter months back with a montage of goofy pastel birds and a pop-y backtrack that sounded fresh out of an early aughts kids' programme. I think we could all use some colorful little birds in our lives and, more importantly, a social media network that only speaks in affirmational exclamations.

You walk about crouching down and peering into open drawers to find all the goofy little birbs doing unlikely things like riding automatic vacuums and wielding kitchen knives for your followers to appreciate. Aside from just tweeting pics of birds on your "Branch" page, you've also got a little collection of rare birds to find around the house and snap. In just a few minutes of playing I managed to find a few rare birds and a duck taking a nice soak in the bath. All my fake followers like the duck. I have so many fans.

Toripon's low-res and brightly colored style looks great at the resolution of a Twitter video but filling my entire monitor with bright pixels hurt my eyes a bit. Try playing in windowed mode and bumping the resolution down by half if your eyes start rebelling as well.

Toripon 鳥ポン is available on itch.io for a "pay what you want," price. This means you can nab it for free but you could just as well throw a few pounds at the game's creator for developing the short and cute little experience.

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