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This huge Fallout: New Vegas mod replaces 145 NPC voices with new actors

That's a lot of lines, Courier

If you've played Fallout: New Vegas a handful of times you've almost certainly done a double take once or twice when you recognise the voice of a character. Wait, didn't I meet you already? You had a different face then. The voice talent in New Vegas can be spread a bit thin at times, with some actors portraying quite a few characters. This overhaul mod several years in the making is now available to fix that by adding a heck of a lot of new voice talent to the western wasteland.

Brave New World is a pretty dang ambitious mod. The creators have recorded 138 voice actors to provide around 7,000 lines for 145 of Vegas' characters. It's a serious undertaking that its creators say has been almost four years in progress. "Our team has gone to great lengths to make sure that the project meets the standards of quality expected for voice acting/voice overs within the gaming industry," the creators say on the Brave New World mod page.

"Our intention is not to revoice every character in the game," the creators say. "If the characters had excellent acting, i.e. Caesar, Doc Mitchell, Legate Lanius or were iconic characters, we chose to leave them alone. Our main focus was to mitigate 'cloning', and to improve upon acting, pacing, and casting."

Does that mean—yes, phew. Benny is still voiced by Matthew Perry of Friends fame. I imagine that falls under the "iconic" category. His right hand man Swank from The Tops casino did get a voice and face glowup though, which you can catch in the showcase video above. If you're curious, you can check the full list of replaced voices. You may even spot some familiar names in the mod's full credits listing.

You'll also notice that revoiced characters have new faces as well. The creators say that Brave New World started out as the next version of New Vegas Redesigned 3—an NPC visual overhaul mod—but then became its own separate project dedicated to voice acting.

You can find Brave New World over on Nexus Mods. As ever, be sure to follow those installation instructions. You will be required to start a new save file to use Brave New World. Heck, I was probably about due for another go around anyway.

Ta, PC Gamer.

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