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This Integral V Series 2TB SATA SSD is down to £93

That's less than 5p per gigabyte for a massive 2TB drive.

Mainstream 2TB SSDs just barely breached the £100 barrier for Black Friday this year, and now the Integral V Series has firmly pushed beyond it. You can now pick up this 2TB SATA SSD for just £93, making the drive just 4.7p per gigabyte - a very reasonable asking price for a drive that's significantly faster than an old HDD you may still have in your desktop or laptop...

So is this Integral drive a good pickup? It's an older model, this much is true, but the 520MB/s and 470MB/s peak sequential transfer speeds aren't much below the absolute speed limit of the SATA-3 interface, around 550MB/s. In terms of random reads and writes, it's also competitive with its contemporaries, so you can expect fractionally longer load times than the fastest SATA SSDs - but we're taking fractions of a second in most cases!

Looking at the price charts, this is the second-cheapest the drive has ever been, with this model having dropped to £89.99 for a few hours in mid-November. And looking elsewhere on Amazon, there's no 2TB drive from a major brand that approaches the V Series on price - only the 'Fanxiang S101' comes close at £95, and I've not had the pleasure of testing this particular model before so I can't speak to its quality. Even the likes of the Samsung 870 Qvo is up at £120 even after Black Friday reductions, so the value argument is definitely in force here.

So - that's about it. A great price for a 2TB drive, and it could be a nice pickup for anyone that fancies more media storage, game storage or a replacement boot drive for an older laptop or desktop.

I hope you found this deal useful, and stay tuned for more as we move through to Cyber Monday and the winter holiday season!

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