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This is probably the most painfully beautiful Minecraft texture pack

Because you're walking on what look like Lego bricks, see

Minecraft genuinely never ceases to amaze me, nor do the people modding it. The texture pack called Brixel by modder Wabbabrick is, in fact, amazing. This recently-released resource pack turns Minecraft's blocks into Lego-inspired creations with a wild level of detail. It looks like it would hurt my eyes and feet in equal measure but gosh I can just imagine what touching its bumpy dirt blocks feels like. Take a look at it in all its glory complete with shaders.

Before you do anything else, just check out the glossy, beautified trailer version here. It really is gorgeous. I'll show you what it looks like on my machine in a moment.

Neither comparing Minecraft to Legos nor making texture packs inspired by them is new, of course. This sure is a really impressive take on it though. I've seen other packs simulate the brick-y look simply with 2D textures. Others have taken advantage of 3D textures using shaderpacks.

Even among Lego-inspired packs though, Brixel sure seems over the top. Instead of each block being flat-sided and having studs on top, Brixel has imagined every block as its own tiny little collection of smaller brick pieces. I particularly enjoy the torch. It's just two tiny pieces squished together that gets stuck to the exposed studs of whatever block you put it on.

The full version of Brixel is over on Wabbabrick's Patreon page where you can opt in for increasingly snazzy versions of the pack. You can also download the free trial version, like I did, which doesn't include textures for all blocks.

Here's what the trial looked like for me with the proper shaders. Neat as heck!

Brixel resource pack for Minecraft - A screenshot of a player holding a Lego-like torch while looking at a dirt cliff that also appears made of Lego-style bricks.
I think the torch is cute.

Up close you can see a bit more of the shiny, reflective surface. As is often the case with Minecraft shaders, things look even neater in partially-lit places. This screenshot lets you see the 3D bits best out in the sunshine though. Brixel also has custom sounds so when you walk around your little feet click clack on the bricks.

Whether you do the trial version or buy in for the snazzy full pack, do mind those installation instructions. (I followed most of them. I think.) You will need to do some shader settings fiddling to make those bricks look 3D as intended. Make sure you're using one of the two recommended shaders and tick all those boxes as instructed.

If you're into more such Minecraft beautifucation, spot our list of best Minecraft shaders and our other picks for best Minecraft texture packs.

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