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"This is why they invented helmets"

We like this sort of thing. Redlynx wrote to us to provide review code of their recent bike-stunt-thing, Trials 2: Second Edition. We haven't had a chance to play it yet, but we wanted to bring it to your attention quickly as it looks somewhat neat and are a little annoyed we missed it (As Jim just put it "There are so many videogames!". If only there was some kind of PC games blog that keeps track of all the best PC stuff for us to parasitise off. Man!). We're always sucker for a Kick-Start-esque obstacle-course trial-thing game. And slogans like the one we use as the title popping up during their trailer before a montage of spine-disintegrating collisions is a sure way into our heart. Or, at least our website.

You can download the - ahem - trial version, which is about eighteen and a half Imperial Peggles in size. If it takes your fancy, you can unlock it with a code you pay money for. Go team capitalism!

Here's a trailer off youtube. It's not the one with the THIS IS WHY THEY INVENTED HELMETS slogan, mores the pity, but still urges you to fly without wings. Which is bad advice. Trust me. You will only hurt yourself.

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All the other official videos on their site can be seen here. There's also player-uploaded videos for you to see here, which is always nice.

I end this post disappointed I never worked out a way to make the Trial-bike-riding/Trial-version gag work. Fail.

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