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This massive 4TB NVMe drive is just $290 at B&H Photo

After a $60 discount, it works out as 7 cents per gigabyte.

4TB NVMe drives normally cost upwards of $400, but today you can pick up the new Crucial P3 for just $289.99 after a $60 discount at B&H Photo. That's incredible value, working out as just 7 cents per gigabyte, and marks a sea change in the affordability of NVMe SSDs.

(By comparison, the same drive costs £348 in the UK - the equivalent of $423.)

The discount appears to be promotional pricing to mark the release of the drive, given that it's a new model and we wouldn't normally expect a large discount at this stage. Regardless, the P3 looks solid, with read speeds of up to 3500MB/s and write speeds of up to 3000MB/s. Random performance is also decent, at 650K IOPS reads and 700K IOPS writes maximum.

The drive uses QLC NAND, which is how it's able to hit such high capacities, but the P3 remains price-competitive even in this budget-oriented class - even the cheapest 4TB QLC drive I can see on Amazon is $400 and from a relatively smaller brand (Sabrent). QLC NAND means it uses four layers per cell, compared to TLC's three and MLC's two, which does have an impact on sustained performance. That makes it a great choice for a game or media drive, but less well-suited to be used for your main operating system (eg Windows).

For more on SSDs, it's worth checking out our best gaming SSDs article produced by the always-helpful James. For now though, I'll just say that this is an unprecedented amount of storage for the money and it's well worth snapping up while the discount is active!

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