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This modder animated tons of furniture, food, and drinks in Stardew Valley

Extra slimy slime balls

I'm always here for a nice Stardew Valley mod, especially one that's easy to slip into an existing save file without the pressure to start a brand new farm. Modder "Gervig91" has been hard at work on a suite of new mods that make a bunch of items in town just a bit more lively and sparkly. They've made animated versions of many of Stardew's foods, furniture items, and enemy loot. Maybe I'll actually keep my golden pumpkins just to show them off now.

"The idea of this mod is to bring a little more life to a game I love," Gervig91 says on the mod page for Animated Furniture and Stuff. They say that so far they've mostly animated the items that they personally prefer using but will consider creating additions by popular request.

Image credit: Gervig91

Seriously, look at the golden pumpkin. I just want to put it on a pedestal in my house now. All the other monster loot in Stardew was nice to look at before, but it's certainly cool to see these allegedly magical items looking just a bit more alive.

Image credit: Gervig91

The food all now looks excellent as well, with little animated heat waves to prove it's fresh. That dripping pint of beer looks extra enticing, though I'm now thinking that having your farmer carry things directly over their head as they do in Stardew seems unwise. No longer is it an abstract representation of a slice of pizza. Now you're actually risking hot cheese on your face as you run around town looking for Shane.

Gervig91's biggest collections of animated objects are Animated Furniture and Stuff, Animated Slime Eggs and Loot, and Animated Food and Drinks. There are just a few prerequisite mods to get these animated items, so as always make sure to follow the installation instructions provided on the mod page.

If you're feeling left out of the current Animal Crossing craze like Alice Bee is, she's whipped you up a whole other list of mods to make Stardew feel like Animal Crossing.

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