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This Mordhau mod will let you whack players with lutes to form bands

Medieval rock's making a comeback

For as long as Mordhau's had lutes, its had people willing to play them in the midst of war. Bards are a common site on battlefields, uniting friend and foe through instruments that can play proper notes and everything. It's taboo to touch them.

With a lute equipped, you can mangle out a tune by waggling your mouse up and down - but you can also use a mod called LuteBot to automatically play actual songs. A new version called LuteMod is in the works, which will let aspiring minstrels whack other aspiring minstrels with their lutes in order to form bands. It's all appropriately medieval.

YouTuber "Sesh" has been mucking around with the new version. Sesh has mostly been recreating songs from RuneScape, which are far nicer than I remember.

Sadly, it turns out all of those people are Sesh's clones, and the mod doesn't actually work in multiplayer yet. More happily, it turns out Sesh was only able to clone himself and test out this new aspect of the mod thanks to a weird glitch with spectate mode in local servers.

"Don't tell the Mordhau devs but this is a cheeky little glitch. You have to be in a local match. It doesn't work otherwise. Basically you turn off the damage with the command toggledamage. Now when ever you go into spectate mode your body will be left behind allowing you to create clones of yourself.

"That is where the new band function of the LuteMod comes in! You can add people to your band by giving them a wack with the lute. LuteMod then splits the tracks in the midi up between your band. When you hit play everyone else will begin to play too."

So for the moment, they're limited to channeling music into their old lifeless husks. Here is a lovely sea shanty.

New LuteMod Test - RuneScape - Sea Shanty 2 from r/Mordhau

Sesh also mentions the new version "has a range of four octaves compared to the previous two", and "the ability to use custom sound fonts". I don't know what that means, but I do know I'm looking forward to roving bands invading my matches. I couldn't find Sesh or anyone else saying when that might be, mind.

I do hope this version is easier to get working than LuteBot. If you're not intimidated by convoluted instructions and the many commenters struggling to get it working, you can have a stab at that here.

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