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This Quake mod lets you fight Sif from Dark Souls

That's so Raven Keep

Quake's a gritty fast-paced shooter where you dance around enemies and splatter them with beefy guns. Modder "Redfield" clearly thought, "But what if I inject some Bloodborne into it?", and so Raven Keep was born. It's a mod which throws players into a gothic castle where "Old Ones" (sound familiar?) have left some spooky chalices behind. To uncover their mystery, we'll have to blast knights, ghosts, and even some bosses straight from Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Count me in.

As we explore the castle and its grounds we'll find a bunch of new weapons to equip and enemies to slay. Just from the trailer, it all looks mightily impressive. There's a real mixture of environments, and we've got everything from dingy crypts where ghost brides wail, to vast open courtyards lit by the glow of the moon. These new nasties look devious too. We catch a glimpse of an evil phantom which lurks in the shadows waiting to strike, and swarms of corrupted knights who try and overwhelm you with sheer numbers.

I’m particularly excited about a couple of things, though. Sif, the famous sword-wielding dog from Dark Souls, is back and more than ready to slice us up again. Despite being a cutey, I can't wait to pump some lead into his poor hide. And there's a Quake-ified hunter from Bloodborne who sports dual swords and spinny moves. One of the new weapons is a snazzy sword which means we can tango with them in an intense clash of steel.

Soulsborne's big multistage boss fights look like they lend themselves nicely to Quake's emphasis on precise movement and shooting. Plus, all the bats, beasts, and foreboding cracks of lightning make this a perfect reason to jump back into the game in time for Halloween.

You can download Raven Keep over on its Mod DB page, but a word of warning. For it to work properly, you need to grab the QuakeSpasm 0.93.2 source port first.

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